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    roast 吐槽

    troll 怼

    rip off 宰客


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        take your time 不要急,慢慢来

        xxx years of age xxx岁

        pick up 领取

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          presume 推定

          assume  假设

          suppose 料想

          be supposed to 意欲(去做某事),准备(去做某事), 应该, 被允许, 被认为

          What's that supposed to mean? 到底什么意思?

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            until recently 直到最近

            particularly important 特别重要的

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              literally 确实,的确 (有点夸张的强调)

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                act as 充当

                as such (与否定词连用) 严格来说,真正意义上; (用于名词后) 本身

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                  Otherwise 否则,另外,在其他方面,在其他情况下,除此之外

                  And otherwise 及其他

                  Or otherwise 或其他

                  Otherwise:You use otherwise BEFORE stating the general condition or quality of something, when you are also mentioning an EXCEPTION to this general condition or quality.此时,otherwise可以翻译为 原本,原来,本来等。 例如:她“平时”、“原来”、“原本”红红的面颊:Her otherwise ruddy cheeks now looked pale。

                  Otherwise than 除了……之外, 除非

                  Other than = except = besides 除了,不同于

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                    even though : although perhaps

                    an interesting if untenable argument

                    and perhaps not even

                    few if any changes are expected

                    —often used with not

                    difficult if not impossible

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                      slam 严厉批评;猛烈抨击

                      blast 炮轰;抨击

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                        different sized 大小不等的

                        various sized  各种尺寸的

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                          hold a meeting 开会

                          a theory holds that... 一种理论认为

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                            though 不过

                            then 那么

                            excuse me 请问

                            later 晚点

                            my treat 我请客

                            fantastic 太棒了


                            I'm wondering 在想

                            escalator 电动扶梯

                            ever 任何时候

                            chill 休闲,放松

                            chat up 搭讪

                            cringey 尴尬的

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                              collarbone 锁骨

                              engagement ring 订婚戒指

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                                stallholder 摊贩

                                selective 认真筛选的,挑剔的

                                handmaid 侍女

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                                  reckon 认为,想

                                  giggle 傻笑

                                  goggle 瞪眼,眼镜

                                  bust 打破,摔碎

                                  be sick of 厌恶,厌烦

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                                    cheesy 俗气的

                                    fluke 侥幸

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                                      it appears that = it seems that 似乎,看来,好像

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                                        manifest 作形容词,明显的

                                        作及物动词,表明, 表现

                                            Both sides have manifested a stubborn unwillingness to compromise.

                                            Their religious beliefs are manifested in every aspect of their lives.

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                                          except, except for意思相同,都是排除xxx,但是前者可以接从句,后者只能接名词短语

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                                            present 作名词,礼物


                                            作不及物动词, 变得明显,出席


                                            作名词,当前,at present

                                            医学及物动词 表现,呈现,patients who present symptoms of malaria

                                            医学不及物动词,present with 表现为 Lyme disease often presents with erythema migrans, fatigue, fever, and chills

                                            法律及物动词 颁发,提交


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                                              occur 不及物动词,没有过去分词

                                              occur to sb 某个想法进入某人的脑子,后边一般接that引导的从句

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                                                A prepositional phrase will function as an adjective or adverb.



                                                例如:1–2 mm in diameter papules


                                                例如:vary in size

                                                Remember that a prepositional phrase will never contain the subject of a sentence. Sometimes a noun within the prepositional phrase seems the logical subject of a verb. Don't fall for that trick! You will never find a subject in a prepositional phrase.

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                                                  Reduce to an Adjective Phrase

                                                  1. Remove the relative pronoun
                                                  2. Remove the verb (usually 'be', but also 'seem', 'appear', etc.)
                                                  3. Place the adjective phrase after the modified noun


                                                  The product, which seemed perfect in many ways, failed to succeed in the market. -> Reduced: The product, perfect in many ways, failed to succeed in the market.The boy who was pleased by his grades went out with his friends to celebrate. -> Reduced: The boy pleased by his grades went out with his friends to celebrate.

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                                                    the theory holds that 此理论认为

                                                    in that = because 因为

                                                    why bother 何必呢

                                                    group by 分组

                                                    characterized by 以...为特征