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    roast 吐槽

    troll 怼

    rip off 宰客


      • 财经志

        hands-off 不干涉的,不插手的

        be inclined  to 倾向于

        crystal clear 显而易见的

        odds 几率

        content 满足的

        Alternatively 另外

        chalk and cheese 截然不同,迥异

        tilted portfolio 倾斜组合(介于主动管理和被动管理基金之间,大部分股票的权重和指数一致,调整少量股票的权重,这种情况下指数跟踪者可能跑赢指数)

        roughly 大约

        anomaly 反常

        red neck 乡巴佬

        drop dead 去死吧

        nuts 狂热的

        • 财经志

          on the back burner 搁置

          not used to 不习惯(作为副词,后面可以接动名词)

          scenario projection 情节构筑

          hyperbole 夸张

          clarification 说明,澄清

          happen to 恰巧,碰巧

          granted 的确

          high-profile 高调的

          determined 坚定的

          • 财经志

            because = since = as 因为,由于, because最常用,最强调原因,since的因果关系最弱, as最正式

            as = while

            because = cos

            due to the fact that = owing to the fact that = on account of = on the grounds that 因为,由于

            due to = attributable to = caused by = resulting from

            Granted 的确

            • 财经志

              pull over 靠边停车

              doc 医生,博士

              • 财经志

                likeable = likable 讨喜的

                likability = likeability 魅力

                • 财经志

                  unthinkable  = inconceivable = unimaginable 难以想象的, 不可思议的, 难以置信的

                  unbelievable 难以置信的

                  the most (可以作为副词,和动词搭配)最多

                  mostly = mainly

                  • 财经志

                    get lost = do one = piss off = fuck off 滚蛋, 滚开

                    be cucked (cuckolded) 被绿了

                    • 财经志

                      it is believed that

                      it is assumed that

                      it is presumed that

                      it is thought that

                      it is argued that

                      • 财经志

                        walk sb out 送某人出去

                        walk sb through sth 陪某人通过某处

                        smelly 有臭味的

                        meme 哏

                        pick sb up 接待某人

                        dang = damn 倒霉

                        • 财经志

                          take your time 不要急,慢慢来

                          xxx years of age xxx岁

                          pick up 领取

                          • 财经志

                            presume 推定

                            assume  假设

                            suppose 料想

                            be supposed to 意欲(去做某事),准备(去做某事), 应该, 被允许, 被认为

                            What's that supposed to mean? 到底什么意思?

                            • 财经志

                              until recently 直到最近

                              particularly important 特别重要的

                              • 财经志

                                literally 确实,的确 (有点夸张的强调)

                                • 财经志

                                  act as 充当

                                  as such (与否定词连用) 严格来说,真正意义上; (用于名词后) 本身

                                  • 财经志

                                    Otherwise 否则,另外,在其他方面,在其他情况下,除此之外

                                    And otherwise 及其他

                                    Or otherwise 或其他

                                    Otherwise:You use otherwise BEFORE stating the general condition or quality of something, when you are also mentioning an EXCEPTION to this general condition or quality.此时,otherwise可以翻译为 原本,原来,本来等。 例如:她“平时”、“原来”、“原本”红红的面颊:Her otherwise ruddy cheeks now looked pale。

                                    Otherwise than 除了……之外, 除非

                                    Other than = except = besides 除了,不同于

                                    • 财经志


                                      even though : although perhaps

                                      an interesting if untenable argument

                                      and perhaps not even

                                      few if any changes are expected

                                      —often used with not

                                      difficult if not impossible

                                      • 财经志

                                        slam 严厉批评;猛烈抨击

                                        blast 炮轰;抨击

                                        • 财经志

                                          different sized 大小不等的

                                          various sized  各种尺寸的

                                          • 财经志

                                            hold a meeting 开会

                                            a theory holds that... 一种理论认为

                                            • 财经志

                                              though 不过

                                              then 那么

                                              excuse me 请问

                                              later 晚点

                                              my treat 我请客

                                              fantastic 太棒了


                                              I'm wondering 在想

                                              escalator 电动扶梯

                                              ever 任何时候

                                              chill 休闲,放松

                                              chat up 搭讪

                                              cringey 尴尬的

                                              • 财经志

                                                collarbone 锁骨

                                                engagement ring 订婚戒指

                                                • 财经志

                                                  stallholder 摊贩

                                                  selective 认真筛选的,挑剔的

                                                  handmaid 侍女

                                                  • 财经志

                                                    reckon 认为,想

                                                    giggle 傻笑

                                                    goggle 瞪眼,眼镜

                                                    bust 打破,摔碎

                                                    be sick of 厌恶,厌烦

                                                    • 财经志

                                                      cheesy 俗气的

                                                      fluke 侥幸

                                                      • 财经志

                                                        it appears that = it seems that 似乎,看来,好像